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Ibm Thinkpad 380z Error 174

We have started using Toshibas, and the only problem I am having is finding drivers for Windows 2000. and end with a "?" Be clear and specific Use proper spelling and grammar ASK NOW

Having problems with your IBM ThinkPad 380ED ? BUT if the DEFAULT config is good enough, then you only need enter te time and date. I took battery out and it worked,I got a new battery put it in and it stopped working again. ... http://permamatrix.net/ibm-thinkpad/ibm-thinkpad-error-dev-001.html

Numeric Error Codes Symptom / Error FRU / Action in Sequence 10X 101: Interrupt failure. 102: Timer failure. 103: Timer interrupt failure. 104: Protected mode failure. 105: Last 8042 command not I tried to reinstall Win98, but now when I start it, even before the OS starts, i get the infamous 161 and 163 errors. I did the normal industry standard of pulling the battery (or set the jumper, Compaq has a button) to reset the BIOS, but the password did not reset. Depending on the machine type listed under the laptop... http://www.computing.net/answers/windows-95/error-174-on-ibm-thinkpad-380d/170311.html

External keyboard 3. Appreciate any feedback or ideas on how to fix it, if possible. No fan problem or anything else. (CR2025 @ $3.15) Soldered the leads onto it. Where I am working we have several computers that have admin passwords that we do not know what they are, thanks to the IT wanabes before me.

Dell E-commerce smells like rats - by WAMBO Thinkpad T20 (14″ screen) (6:16pm EST Wed Sep 20 2000)Has anyone received T20 with a defectivescreen? (At least one bad pixel, always on) all i know is he said it has ATI graphics card in it, and something about Rage Mobility M1 AGP, and the disc that has the WIN9.exe.. System board 2XX 201: Memory data error. 202: Memory line error 00-15. 203: Memory line error 16-23. 205: Memory test failure on on-board memory. 221: ROM to RAM remap error. 1. [email protected] - by Vite Supervisor password (8:20am EST Sat Jul 23 2005)When change BIOS battery, does it need the supervisor password? - by KKi IBM TP 600E PROBLEM (5:49am EST Mon

I have the Windows 98 disk and would like to install it myself. Now, the other combo DEV 001 / ERR 96 / FRU 3810 are "system board" error codes i am still getting, and i cannot boot whatsoever. Like when it was new. IBM makes good stuff if you want to spend millions of dollars, otherwise STAY AWAY.

You can find these at Bestbuy or ... There are 5volt and 3.3volt slots. Thanks - by Karen thinkpad t30 (7:46pm EST Mon Mar 22 2004)Its junk. also when I startup the laptop…I get an animation of a floppy going into a the floppydrive but when I push f1 ( as indicated by the animation) I get the

No more problems i used this HARDWARE MANTEINANCE MANUAL is found in:

ite.wss/document.do?lndocid=LWIK-3T UM4JI find out all the error codes and replaced each part Whaaaamooo TP like new! http://www.geek.com/news/ibms-new-thinkpads-565673/ Wont your laptop let you get into windows? Ibm.com's support is famous for having very good, extensive support for thinkpads. . This is truly great thing.

Goes %100 percent through the progress bar, then a blue screen with white writing pops up momentarily. have a peek at these guys Its stock price has been going up and down but it seems to be making decent progress overall as it pushes its servers, Linux, software solutions, and so much more. But the HDD and DVD drive are still not accessable. It also looks really good. - by Navid error (12:07pm EST Tue May 27 2003)I just changed my hard drive and when I rebooted I got error 00174 - by fred

DUE001 and 91 and FRU3610.Also High Voltage and Battery too hot. This fix should cost you under $4.00. Problem Solver: An expert who has answered 5 questions. http://permamatrix.net/ibm-thinkpad/ibm-thinkpad-600-error-174.html Can it work?

Umm....next question....where's the best place to get another laptop hard drive compliant with this machine? It retains it. Please help - by [email protected] IBM THINKPAD 600E (6:10am EST Fri Jan 09 2004)mail me [email protected] is ok but the memorycheck comes with DEV 002Err 21FRU 0020and SYSBOARD ERRDEV 001ERR 91FRU


Ive been to the IMB web page and I cant figure it out on my own... I don't have anything in the disk drives and get this error anyway. - by John supervisor password (8:02pm EST Sat Aug 20 2005)how can i disable it to logon to Dec 19, 2007 | IBM ThinkPad T22 2647 Notebook 1 Answer 174 error message on thinkpad 380 00174 usually means a bad drive/hard drive/or controller for the drives Try replacing the This usually occurs when the cmos battery is in need of replacement.Get that battery replaced.Good luck!

I will know later as am at work now. Heres how you get into windows:

1: Turn on your laptop 2: When the error screen comes up, DO NOT press continue. I need help, hope you are my answer to it! this content than one error code is displayed, begin the diagnosis with .http://linuxfocus.org/~guido/gentoo-tp600e/600e_hw_maintenance_manual.pdf

Amounts and times Cure type Mixture Amount Time period Dry cure 10-0-1 100 lb 5 weeks Dry sugar cure 5-3-3

DIMM Displayed Value No DIMM installed 32192 KB (On systemboard)with extra memory installed8 MB 40384 KB 16 MB 48576 KB 32 MB 64960 KB 64 MB 97728 KB - by [email protected] Research indicated errors relating to Battery Back up CR2025 Further research /advice indicated remove CR2025 and restart Followed up and error codes were gone but 174 continue to be there every And yes, I am a girl. Help….. - by Gil think pad errors (4:12am EST Wed May 04 2005)its a 600 - by gil Thinkpad 8611 error (11:59am EST Thu May 05 2005)Once you got into windows

Unfortunately I had to fix my installation of windows and my microsoft word wont work, and whenever I turn on my comp I have to go through those screens- but my writing to the eeprom ...