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Human Error In Information Technology


In similar fashion, the United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) performs a detailed analysis of transportation accidents (aviation, highway, marine, railroad, and pipeline). We are amazingly error tolerant, even when physically damaged. The main duo.com site is in English. San Antonio, TX (June). 6. http://permamatrix.net/human-error/examples-of-human-error-in-information-technology.html

This was one of the problems with the Therac-25 medical radiation device. Successes in human error reduction in aviation give hope, while studies of medical errors provide valuable insight. LOVE IT, HATE IT? Strategies to Tackle Human Error Organizations apply a variety of strategies to secure information.

Human Error In Information Technology

We may be able to improve HCI design by observing that certain situations can degrade human performance, and designing the HCI to avoid putting the operator in those situations. Security incidents will happen, and staff should be trained to recognize and contain them. Of course, manipulating the past history of a system's execution has significant consequences.

This can be very tedious simply because the volume of data is very high and lengthy analysis is required for each second. Stories of related failures of computer systems due to "human error" are easy to find in every industry: nuclear power, aviation, business, the stock market, and of course, the computer industry Maglio, Eser Kandogan - Error Messages Computer users spend a lot of time chasing down errors - following the trail of clues that starts with an error message and that sometimes Data Breach Human Error Crew resource management (CRM) is a training program developed for airline crews to learn how to manage and behave during an incident.

One major source of valuable advice in the aviation community is a collection of incidents known as ASRS, the Aviation Safety Reporting System, run by NASA-Ames, with a computer-readable database administered Human Error Cyber Security We are extremely flexible, robust, and creative, superb at finding explanations and meanings from partial and noisy evidence. It requires careful, application-specific reasoning about paradoxes, and corresponding implementation of compensation mechanisms. A good HCI design can encourage the operator to perform correctly and protect the system from common operator errors.

Chapter about heuristic evaluation, and discussion of how it is applied with resulting data. [Wharton94] Wharton, Cathleen; Rieman, John; Lewis, Clayton; Polson, Peter, The Cognitive Walkthrough Method: A Practitioner's Guide, Human Error Vs Computer Error Human beings have common failure modes and certain conditions will make it more likely for a human operator to make a mistake. Technology provides automated safeguards and processes to determine the series of actions to be taken to achieve a particular end. Temporal replication can also be used at the application level.

Human Error Cyber Security

Similarly, on a slightly smaller scale but still just as devastating could be a university with 40k breached records could end up losing $5.4 million. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S000368700600041X How to Deal. Human Error In Information Technology It is easy to see the parallel with information security incidents, which are often caused by a combination of human errors and security inadequacies. Human Error In Information Security Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution, Non Commercial 4.0 International License.

Figures 1a and 1b illustrate the difference between spatial and temporal replication. this content People are not precision machinery designed for accuracy. For more information, visit the cookies page.Copyright © 2016 Elsevier B.V. Each step the user would take is examined, and the interface is judged based on how well it will guide the user to perform the correct action at each stage [Wharton94]. Examples Of Human Error In Information Technology

Not mentioned. Key Concepts Human operators are often the weak link in any embedded system. High false alarm rates will make the operator ignore a real alarm condition. weblink When it came to the top industries most frequently targeted in 2014, the finance and insurance industry ranked highest at 24 percent, followed by manufacturing (22 percent), information and communication (19

But what about the designers of the language and software or the methods they use? "human Error" Cyber Attack Designers are expected to use error-detecting and correcting codes. Cognitive Walkthrough Another usability inspection method is the cognitive walkthrough.

Using generic USB drives not encrypted or safeguarded by other means.

In case we're thinking that this kind of carelessness in information security is unusual, or that it wouldn't happen "with the bright professionals we have in our employment," the next few Many of these are based on lessons from the human-factor engineering discipline. The best that can be done is to design the user interface so that the operator will make as few mistakes as possible. What Are Some Basic Guidelines For Protecting Your Computer From Security Risk? Thus, the incident reporting system for the nuclear industry is not an impartial guide to actual operating practices.

The effects of electrical noise on signal detectability, identification, and reliability are well known. A Human Error Case Study To investigate the potential for human error in an IT environment, we carried out a simple experiment using RAID storage. MetriStation MetriStation is a tool being developed at Carnegie Mellon University to automate the normally tedious task of gathering and analyzing all the data gathered from empirical user interface evaluations. check over here G.

It can give more quantitative results, and can reduce greatly the time spent collecting and processing data from test sessions. However, the merits of heuristic evaluation are very dependent on the merits of the evaluators. To stem errors made through social engineering and to raise awareness of the potential caused by carelessness, technology and processes must be combined with employee education. The problem with this attitude is that it prevents us from learning from the incident, and allows the error-prone situation to remain.

Human-factor engineers in aviation assume that serious incidents are not caused by just one human error, but by an unfortunate alignment of several individual events. The natural tendency to interpret partial information -- although often our prime virtue -- can cause operators to misinterpret system behavior in such a plausible way that the misinterpretation can be The HCI must give appropriate feedback to the operator to allow him or her to make well informed decisions based on the most up to date information on the state of Empirical methods like protocol analysis actually have real users test the user interface, and do lengthy analyses on all the data collected during the session, from keystrokes to mouse clicks to

The natural tendency to interpret partial information -- although often our prime virtue -- can cause operators to misinterpret system behavior in such a plausible way that the misinterpretation can be We found that, even on this simple maintenance task with full instructions and in a low-stress setting (no alarms, no angry customers or bosses breathing down their necks), the human operators Thus, the incident reporting system for the nuclear industry is not an impartial guide to actual operating practices. This book is a good introduction to usability and how it applies to user interfaces.

London: Taylor & Francis Ltd., 1994. [Maxion 95] Maxion, Roy A.; deChambeau, Aimee L., "Dependability at the User Interface." 25th Annual International Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing, June 1995, p. 528 Petroski, H. According to Science magazine, "not long after the launch, a ground controller omitted a single letter in a series of digital commands sent to the spacecraft. All rights reserved.

This method cannot evaluate global consistency or extensiveness of features. There are several heuristics for judging a well designed user interface, but there is no systematic method for designing safe, usable HCI's. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, 20(4): 398-461. 4. Investigations should target the people involved, the team, the workplace, the organization, third parties and the information and communications technology systems.