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Rest Http Status Codes Best Practices


If my user runs out of credits, what status code should my REST API return? The content of the response is dependent on the HTTP Method used in the request. If the request already included Authorization credentials, then the 401 response indicates that authorization has been refused for those credentials. Wikipedia The requested resource is only capable of generating content not acceptable according to the Accept headers sent in the request. 407 Proxy Authentication Required This code is similar to 401 navigate here

Generally, this is a temporary state. 504 Gateway Timeout The server, while acting as a gateway or proxy, did not receive a timely response from the upstream server specified by the time constraints, etc.). 404 Not Found The server has not found anything matching the Request-URI. If the request that received this status code was the result of a user action, the request MUST NOT be repeated until it is requested by a separate user action. Also, you aren't taking advantage of a JSON-ready parser; in contrast, a 422 with a JSON response is very explicit, and a great deal of error information can be conveyed. http://www.restpatterns.org/HTTP_Status_Codes

Rest Http Status Codes Best Practices

Wikipedia cites a 422 response code as ‘The request was well-formed but was unable to be followed due to semantic errors.' which seems to make more sense for this case. What is the name of this bush with red fruits? Click on the category heading or the status code link to read more. 1xx Informational This class of status code indicates a provisional response, consisting only of the Status-Line and optional share|improve this answer edited Feb 22 '12 at 0:19 answered Feb 21 '12 at 17:27 Max Toro 18.5k85187 Do you have any examples or references for this approach versus

Which ones? Proxies MUST forward 1xx responses, unless the connection between the proxy and its client has been closed, or unless the proxy itself requested the generation of the 1xx response. (For example, The 410 (Gone) status code SHOULD be used if the server knows, through some internally configurable mechanism, that an old resource is permanently unavailable and has no forwarding address. Http Status Codes Cheat Sheet Unless the request method was HEAD, the entity of the response SHOULD contain a short hypertext note with a hyperlink to the new URI(s) , since many pre-HTTP/1.1 user agents do

This is similar to processing a header of If-None-Match using an entity tag. Http Status Code 422 Subsequent requests by the client are permissible. A client MUST be prepared to accept one or more 1xx status responses prior to a regular response, even if the client does not expect a 100 (Continue) status message. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/azure/dd179357.aspx Jordan Maguire Aug 21, 2012 Yeah - the 400 was a tough call.

Wikipedia The response to the request can be found under another URI using a GET method. Http Response Example However, this specification does not define any standard for such automatic selection. Speaking of JSON response, I tend to standardize on the Rails error response for this case, which is: { "errors" : { "arg1" : ["error msg 1", "error msg 2", ...] User agents should display any included entity to the user. 400 Bad Request The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax.

Http Status Code 422

The original intention was that this code might be used as part of some form of digital cash or micropayment scheme, but that has not happened, and this code is not you could check here If the request method was not HEAD and the server wishes to make public why the request has not been fulfilled, it SHOULD describe the reason for the refusal in the Rest Http Status Codes Best Practices Doing this prevents HTTP-aware software from detecting errors. Http Status Code 400 This work by RestApiTutorial.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

I give a longer explanation of 4xx codes here: http://parker0phil.com/2014/10/16/REST_http_4xx_status_codes_syntax_and_sematics/ share|improve this answer answered Oct 16 '14 at 23:05 Phil Parker 43449 add a comment| up vote 5 down vote Status check over here more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed As a result, I've gained a much better understanding of the HTTP Status Codes and how they can help you write both better APIs and client applications. And I think it's important to keep the error responses consistent, which would make it more convenient to process for mobile clients. Http Status Codes 404

Why are Status Codes important? Wikipedia The server is unable to store the representation needed to complete the request. 508 Loop Detected (WebDAV) The 508 (Loop Detected) status code indicates that the server terminated an operation If not valid, 400 Bad Request is returned. his comment is here Unless it was a HEAD request, the response SHOULD include an entity containing a list of available entity characteristics and location(s) from which the user or user agent can choose the

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The 303 response MUST NOT be cached, but the response to the second (redirected) request might be cacheable.

What is HATEOAS and why is it important? Set the Location header to contain a link to the newly-created resource (on POST). The only other alternative is 422 Unprocessable Entity. Rest Status For Whatsapp I'll leave it to you to decide between 4xx and 5xx, but you should use an error status code.

Advanced Search: Search Home Tools Sign in / Create an account Edit page New page More Table of contents REST & WOA Wiki HTTP Status Codes Table of contents1xx - Here's an example on how Twitter handles HTTP Status Codes and a RESTful API For more examples you can do a quick Google Search and you'll find the REST API docs This class of status code indicates a provisional response, consisting only of the Status-Line and optional headers, and is terminated by an empty line. http://permamatrix.net/http-status/http-status-code-422.html Its purpose is to allow a server to accept a request for some other process (perhaps a batch-oriented process that is only run once per day) without requiring that the user

Wikipedia Defined in drafts of "WebDAV Advanced Collections Protocol", but not present in "Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) Ordered Collections Protocol". 426 Upgrade Required Reliable, interoperable negotiation of Upgrade features The temporary URI SHOULD be given by the Location field in the response. I've also seen both perspectives and examples around the web when researching this. –Raelshark Feb 21 '12 at 21:27 @Raelshark: See my updated answer. –Max Toro Feb 22 '12 someone's opinion on "what HTTP status codes mean"; note that the page essentialy says "this is what Apache means with 403, this is what IIS means with 403", and nowhere does

For example, if your API returns a 401 you know you need a logged in user. Wikipedia Further extensions to the request are required for the server to fulfill it. 511 Network Authentication Required The 511 status code indicates that the client needs to authenticate to gain Wikipedia The origin server requires the request to be conditional. The distinction between 200 and the other success codes hasn't proved valuable in my APIs so far.

The entity format is specified by the media type given in the Content- Type header field. Used when the requested resource is not found, whether it doesn't exist or if there was a 401 or 403 that, for security reasons, the service wants to mask. 405 Method I have also used RocketPants by Darcy Laycock (https://github.com/filtersquad/rocket_pants) which makes developing APIs a breeze. Comments Viewing 1 of 1 comments: view all#5mader says:Plase add code 451: Unavailable For Legal Reasons - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_451Posted 07:51, 12 Apr 2016Viewing 1 of 1 comments: view allYou must sign in

A cache that does not support the Range and Content-Range headers MUST NOT cache 206 (Partial) responses. User maximum order limit reached is also a server error. share|improve this answer answered Jul 20 '10 at 14:56 Julian Reschke 19.9k43853 10 Of course it is an HTTP status code, see iana.org/assignments/http-status-codes. Note: RFC 2068 was not clear that 305 was intended to redirect a single request, and to be generated by origin servers only.

The server MUST send a final response after the request has been completed.