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Http Status 400 Error In The Jql Query

Lastly, I noticed that in your property configuration for the "status mapping" properties, you jump array values drastically. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up How to solve “The character '%' is a reserved JQL character” error up vote 1 down vote favorite 1 I'm having a share|improve this answer answered Jun 26 '14 at 7:18 user3758171 1466 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote Adding a basic authorization header is easy enough: HttpURLConnection connection = (HttpURLConnection)jiraURL.openConnection(); amp5208 commented Mar 14, 2016 @smsuresh, Based on the following error stack trace: java.lang.NullPointerException: null at com.capitalone.dashboard.client.team.TeamDataClientSetupImpl.updateObjectInformation(TeamDataClientSetupImpl.java:85) ~[jira-feature-collector.jar!/:1.5.0-SNAPSHOT] I can assume that the issue is coming from the following logical evaluation navigate here

service is started.. asked 2 years ago viewed 1625 times active 1 year ago Blog Stack Overflow Podcast #91 - Can You Stump Nick Craver? Weirder context inside Project Euler #10 in C++ (sum of all primes below two million) How should I interpret "English is poor" review when I used a language check service before Let me know what the object instance "rs" contains at that point On your deployment region, please run the following command (or Windows equivalent) to test connectivity to your Jira instance:

Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox. Please let me know if after providing the correct values for these properties you are still having the issue noted above. That is actually super powerful. How to handle a senior developer diva who seems unaware that his skills are obsolete?

confirm if the following is correct within your Jira instance: The Project is associated to a single Sprint The Sprint for that project is Active (i.e., today's date lies within the kv113813 commented Mar 20, 2016 I also have same issues, I am getting the project name but shows: Scope: Jira - Dashboard Sprint: [No Sprint Available] [N/A] Total 0 WIP 0 The Query is : http://localhost:8080/rest/api/2/search?jql=Name~WO1.X.D but it works fine for other queries : http://localhost:8080/rest/api/2/search?jql=Name~WOP-D I think the problem in in the name WO1.X.D The "dots(.)" are not recognised. When I configure yacc (or enable it with a configuration) PUT /rest/api/1.0/projects/DPA/repos/utilities/settings/hooks/com.isroot.stash.plugin.yacc:yaccHook/enabled/ {"commitMessageRegex":"","requireJiraIssue":true,"ignoreUnknownIssueProjectKeys":true,"issueJqlMatcher":"resolution = Unresolved","excludeByRegex":""} Status: 400 Bad Request {"errors":[{"context":"issueJqlMatcher","message":"Unable to validate JQL query with JIRA because there was an unexpected

Stair skirt board protruding from wall by ~1/4" - can I use a belt sander to sand it down? You signed in with another tab or window. Please help here. #460 amp5208 commented Apr 8, 2016 @kv113813 , Please let me know if you have any further open issues regarding this forum. My Stash log had a "connection refused" exception log message indicating this.

Show Nick Boldt added a comment - 28/Apr/16 10:40 PM Had a quick review of the commits since Apr 19 and nothing seems amiss, so I'm at a loss to determine Letter-replacement challenge What are two consecutive primes whose difference is 666? the "my tasks" filter entry. Fixed - thus please remember just because the release of a maintanence is not planned we still know when the branch/work for it could at the earlist start.

share|improve this answer edited Jun 23 '14 at 18:14 answered Jun 23 '14 at 16:44 Scott Dudley 2,0601721 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote accepted Heads up, the problem Issue type for a big user story that needs to be broken down.","iconUrl": r\n}\r\n\r\n{code}","customfield_10131":null,"timetracking":{},"attachment":[],"aggregatetimeestimate":null,"summary":"USP - Deliver, Collect, Verify and Store IVP results.","creator":{"self":"https://abcd.com/rest/api/2/user?username=agilePM","name":"agilePM","key":"agilePM","emailAddress":"[email protected]","avatarUrls":{"48x48":"https://abcd.com/secure/useravatar?ownerId=agilePM&avatarId=12530","24x24":"https://abcd.com/secure/useravatar?size=small&ownerId=agilePM&avatarId=12530","16x16":"https://abcd.com/secure/useravatar?size=xsmall&ownerId=agilePM&avatarId=12530","32x32":"https://abcd.com/secure/useravatar?size=medium&ownerId=agilePM&avatarId=12530"},"displayName":" agilePM Singh","active":true,"timeZone":"Asia/Kolkata"},"subtasks":[],"customfield_10360":["[email protected][id=252,rapidViewId=175,state=CLOSED,name=Sprint 2,startDate=2016-01-07T07:28:36.540-05:00,endDate=2016-01-20T07:28:00.000-05:00,completeDate=2016-01-25T07:57:54.954-05:00,sequence=252]","[email protected][id=259,rapidViewId=173,state=ACTIVE,name=Sprint 3,startDate=2016-01-25T08:00:51.577-05:00,endDate=2016-02-07T08:00:00.000-05:00,completeDate=,sequence=253]"],"customfield_12462":"1.0","reporter":{"self":"https://abcd.com/rest/api/2/user?username=agilePM","name":"agilePM","key":"agilePM","emailAddress":"[email protected]","avatarUrls":{"48x48":"https://abcd.com/secure/useravat smsuresh commented Feb 5, 2016 When upper case keys are sent I get the message ""An issue with key 'PROJ-35' does not exist for field 'key'." repeated for each key submitted. Note: You can retrieve your instance's epic ID field name via the following URI where your queried user story issue has a super issue (e.g., epic) tied to it; your custom

Skip to content Skip to breadcrumbs Skip to header menu Skip to action menu Skip to quick search Linked ApplicationsLoading… Quick Search Help About Confluence Log in Sign up QuestionsTopicsLeaderboardRewardsSearch check over here I feel like there's something really stupid that I'm missing, can anyone help me find out what's wrong with this? EDIT: I realised that I'm not sending the username/password to Jira in the Java program, but I'm actually unsure how to do that... Atlassian

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Ethical dilemma: I work at a consultancy. Letter-replacement challenge How do we ask someone to describe their personality? his comment is here Did you receive a timout our a valid Jira status response?

smsuresh commented Mar 16, 2016 dbname=dashboarddb dbhost=localhost dbport=27017 dbusername=[USERNAME] dbpassword=[PASSWORD] This change is working fine.. When I submit the following get request I get 152 issues, presumably all from the project. /rest/api/2/search?key+in+%28proj-35%2Cproj-36%29&0&9999&id,key,summary,description,status& When I submit a post request I get two diifferent responses depending on whether Do you mind verifying that once.

smsuresh commented Mar 15, 2016 @amp5208 Thankyou very much!!

I get the following Error on trying to access i.e. If you run into a similar situation rigt-click on the query to open it in the browser - it's much easier to check what's going on that way. Conference presenting: stick to paper material? If so, please refer to this section of this forum to update your property file configurations: #276 (comment).

If you are reporting on story points your story will have to have points associated to it. Related 446What's the difference between a POST and a PUT HTTP REQUEST?133Sending HTTP POST Request In Java184Java - sending HTTP parameters via POST method easily444How to make an HTTP POST request What could make an area of land be accessible only at certain times of the year? weblink Why don't we have helicopter airlines?

Would indicate 9.1.0 GA was not mark as released. change to be this: dbname=dashboarddb dbhost=localhost dbport=27017 dbusername=[USERNAME] dbpassword=[PASSWORD] There is a chance that essentially your collectors are saving data in a different database than is being used/configured by Hygieia, overall, I finally traced the post problem to my use of .net's Request object. Sign in to comment Contact GitHub API Training Shop Blog About © 2016 GitHub, Inc.

The objective of the query is to return all issues associated with a list of keys. amp5208 referenced this issue Mar 21, 2016 Closed Need help running JIRA collector #326 amp5208 commented Mar 21, 2016 @smsuresh , Your statuses seem to be mapped correctly... The valid operators are '=', '!=', '<', '>', '<=', '>=', '~', '!~', 'IN', 'NOT IN', 'IS' and 'IS NOT'. (line 1, character 12)"],"errors":{}} com.google.api.client.http.HttpResponseException: 400 Bad Request {"errorMessages":["Error in the JQL Max Rydahl Andersen need your assistance here.

This seems to make no difference. How does a migratory species farm? I ran the rest api against a jira issue that has super issue as EPIC. I ask because if the Jira instance that you are trying to communicate with is within your company's restricted domains or behind a strict firewall, you may not be able to

This field allows you to specify that data field for your instance of Jira. However, as mentioned above, I believe your properties are now good if you are collecting Jira data successfully. Would you suggest something more robust? looking at definiton of ds_next_maint it is seen that jbide_next_maint_versions is what ends up empty.

kh77 commented Aug 31, 2016 thanks i have configured and getting data of jira in board but kanban board is still not showing any data, same picture as above which i tabladrum commented Mar 10, 2016 That's sad. You must surround ')' in quotation marks to use it as a value. (line 1, character 41)"],"errors":{}} Build step 'Jenkins Text Finder' changed build result to FAILURE - http://jenkins.mw.lab.eng.bos.redhat.com/hudson/view/DevStudio/view/DevStudio_Master/job/jbosstools-jiralint-daily/2067/console ... My gut tells me it might be authentication or OAuth related...