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Hp Laserjet 6p Driver


Remove and reinstall the supply, replace the supply. Check that PS1 is blocked by the latch flag. Is it possible that it just doesn't recognize the toner cartridge itself? Replies like yours are not very good customer service in my opinion. Source

No paper there either.I have also held down the cancel button (button closed to the back of the printer and above the error LED) while turning the printer on. On the IIP/IIIP the connections for the high voltage are made on the left side of the printer so you may want to favor that side as you install the cartridge. The person throwing it out couldn't tell me any specifics other than it just "quit working". Depending on the model, a firmware DIMM may need replacing or a flash update. http://printcopy.info/?l=en&mod=erc&brand=HP&model=LaserJet%206P

Hp Laserjet 6p Driver

LaserJet 1200 Product Series - Printer Light Patterns 26. Defective Internal Memory - Replace Formatter PCA, check all cables first! Add more memory or simplify the print job. Bad 47W resistor (1/4W) on the Fuser Safety PCA (connector J107 on the Fuser Safety PCA). (P/N FF1-3872-000.) 2.

On the left-hand side (when facing the printer's front), there is a large white plastic gear on the printer that engages with a smaller, white plastic gear on Tray 1. Replace if problem persists IIIP/IIP/IIP+ Paper feed problem - check feed/pickup rollers for movement and wear. Toner Cartridge (4+ only) ERROR 80 ERROR 89 5L/6L Troubleshooting Information A common problem with this printer is feeding multiple sheets of paper. Hp Laserjet 6p Manual Check Duplex Shift Plate for correct position and operation 2686 A/D Only: Main Motor Stall 1.

Error 13 Paper Jam Error Message Forms: 13.XX.YZ - additonal location info on display or 13.XX.YY - a jam exists in the media path Paper jams can be in the pickup Replace Formatter PCA. 4. I'm sure if I had the printer in my possession, I could fix it since I know the printer intimately, but I'm out of ideas for internet troubleshooting. More about the author Colour LaserJet 2500 Series Printer - Understanding and Troubleshooting the Control Panel Light Patterns 38.

Error 55 On IIISi/4Si Printers this is due to the DC controller not receiving the proper information upon startup. Hp Laserjet 6p Troubleshooting Also check for any partially peeled labels, this can be a disaster if they come off inside the printer. Bad Paper Input sensor (PS1). 2. Replace as needed IIP S/N between 2925J00000 and 3047J99999 replace fuser assembly ERROR 41.1 X= 1,2,4,5 A temporary error occurred - Press "CONTINUE" to clear. 41.3 Error - Unexpected paper size

Hp Laserjet 6p Printer

DC Controller malfunction. 4. http://www.aboffice.com.au/hp-error-codes-2.asp Colour LaserJet 4550 Printer Family - How to Resolve Alphabetical Messages 69. Hp Laserjet 6p Driver Same as 42 error. 49 FIRMWARE ERROR Only for the laserjet 4100: Try printing a different file if error persists remove all dimms and EIO devices, last replace formatter. 50 ERROR Hp Laserjet 6p Toner This can happen when printing a FAX document formatted for A4 size paper.

Cycle power. 4. this contact form Reseat the card and if available, swap with a known working card. Take a sharp tool, like a razor blade and scrape the buildup off these edges. Colour LaserJet 4550 Series Printers - Resolving Numbered Messages 68. Hp Laserjet 6p Specs

Check PS501 and PS106 (only on the Laserjet 4100) 13.6 Paper stopped jam at fuser. 13.10 Paper jam in Duplexer. Try with SIMMs or font cartridge removed to be sure error clears. 2. On the II and III Series and the IIISi/4Si, make sure at least one of the two drum sensitivity tabs are present. have a peek here You can try reducing the DPI or unticking the collate option in the printer driver.

Also, can I get some instructions on putting in the rollers. Hp Laserjet 6mp Toner Back back to top How did we do? ERROR 40 - (Data Transfer Error) Momentary error, press "Continue" or "GO" to reset the printer 5L/6L Power Cycle the printer if error continues reseat the DC controller to Formatter 5P/6P

So you think it's the main ecu board?

Generally you will need to replace the laser scanner and ocassionaly the DC controller PCA Back back to top How did we do? The chip may be missing or defective or contain incorrect information. I'm still hunting to see what a correctly installed one looks like. Hp Laserjet 6p Windows 10 LJ 4250/4300/4350 A printer fan is not funtioning.

If you want to run it with the tray out, simply hold up the paper flag next to the roller. Defective High Voltage power supply or on the LJ II/III the DC controller to High Voltage power supply can be defective. I don't have anything on my 6p that looks like this: http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/reference/guides/engine/vx so I was going by the picture in the service manual for a 6p. Check This Out Press Select button to resume printing, some data loss will occur, you will need to add memory or reduce the complexity of the print job.

I am also going to go back to see if I can find anything additional under 6pSE now or the 4212a model number. Computer power is off. 23 I/O NOT READY 1. Front Door-open Sensor (PS402) broken or stuck. 2. Replace the fan.

Defective fan, PS4 or PS5 4. Disassemble clutch and re-grease. If the engine test had worked, would it have pulled a piece of paper in and printed something out? Back back to top How did we do?

At this point, it is the ONLY light on and stays on. Error 54 LaserJet IID, IIID Only: Duplex Feed Error 1. Back back to top How did we do? You can often verify the AC power block as the problem by opening the rear door of the printer and observing the heater lamp glow when turning the printer on -

by moe on Feb 17, 2007 at 10:23pm Add comment Please sign in to comment I have tried feeding paper from the manual tray. Of course, you should also replace the part too if possible and correct the reason the error came up. Share: HP Printer Repairs Part of Teffont Bussiness Systems Limited Call us free to get a quote 0800 324 3212 Home Mono LaserJet Colour LaserJet DesignJet Error Codes The Team About Paper path rollers worn?

I know you said it was simply a matter of it tripping a switch which it seems to do. LaserJet 3100 / 3150 Series Products - Control Panel Information 41. Replace Cable, Laser/Scanner to DC Controller cable. (P/N RG1-0908-000) II, IID, III, IIID Only: 1. On flash-memory-based products, you can update the firmware code by downloading the latest flash executable file for the product and running the program according to the readme instructions posted with the

Simplify the print job.