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Hp Laserjet 4 Error Code 57 Service

Thank you and your firm again, you were terrific. Simplify print job. 2. Check/reseat cable between DC Controller and Formatter PCA. 56 ERROR IID, IIID Only: 1. Faulty ac kill switch operation. 4. have a peek here

The cooling fan in the optional duplexer is bad. 1. You can do this at the HP Enterprise Business Community.I hope this helps! Check connections to DC controller - replace main motor 4L/4 Main motor problem, check gear train for binding. Replace the D.C. http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/posts/9213

On rare occasions a defective paper control assembly or actuator can cause this problem. Back back to top How did we do? Turn the printer off/on to attempt to clear or reset the message. Replace Formatter PCA. 64 error 4000/4050/4100/5000/8000/8100 only: A scan buffer occurred - if it persists replace formatter. 66.xx.yy error 4000/4050/4100/5000 only: An error occurred in an external paper handling device, stapler/stacker.

YOU CAN EVEN SWAP IT OUT FOR ANOTHER "TONER ASSY" [FOR TESTING PURPOSES], IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN EXTRA REPLACEMENT ON HAND. Question about HP Printers & Copiers 1 Answer 4110 officejet series all-in-one error message ...57 or HP #28) goes on the left side. Replace Duplex unit. 54.1 Remove sealing tape - 4100 only: Toner cartridge has been installed without removing sealing tape 54.4 error - 4100 only: Problem exists with customers line voltage 55 Tech Support Support Home PageMaintenance Kit InstructionsOther instructionsTroubleshootingArticles, news, blog Featured Articles HP Error CodesEntering Service ModeService mode PIN codesCounterfeit parts challengeCold reset instructionsClearing maintenance countJetDirect Reference GuideHalf-way testRepetitive defect rulerTestimonialsInnovations

If the message persists, replace the fan.HP LASER PRINTER P3005 ERROR 57.041. Fan operation occurs only during power up or during a print job.2. Replace Formatter PCA. 79 SERVICE (Document Error) 1. The DIMM that caused the error will not be used.

So which is the most likely culprit: Power supply, DC controller PCA, Main Motor Assembly, or other? On the 4P/5P printers, the top cover is open or no toner cartridge is installed. A rotating fan indicates that the +5 VDC and +24A VDC voltages are present. (The fan runs on +24A VDC. Check the I/O connections and make sure the proper media is being used.

Verify the environmental thermistor cable is securely connected. 3. Scroll through items until "I/O =" appears and use the +/- key to display parallel and the enter key to select. Question about HP LaserJet Printers & Copiers 1 Answer 57 service 57 service 57 (or 57.1) SERVICE Message (Main Motor Failure) The 57 SERVICE indicates that the DC Controller PCA detected Check the main motor’s cable to ensure that it is seated properly. 4.

Check the MIO card, remove, clean contacts, reinstall. navigate here Replace cable, fuser to DC Controller (P/N RG1-0907-000) II, IID, III, IIID Only: 1. The time now is 04:28 PM. Or just drag it here!

Replace the D.C. Back Error 11 - Paper Out Paper tray empty or not seated correctly. I've been looking for one for parts. http://permamatrix.net/hp-laserjet/hp-laserjet-iii-50-service-error.html Word Pro Default Font for Text Files 5.

Computer power is off. 23 I/O NOT READY 1. IIP, IIP+, IIIP Only: 1. IIISi/4Si Only: 1.

Change the D.C.

Because of the gear ratios in the drive train, it should turn easily. Check Duplex Shift Plate for correct operation. 2. IID, IIID Only: 1. Firmware Update - The configuration page lists the firmware version of the product.

The printer has detected the exhaust fan is bad.2. controller board.HP LASER PRINTER 8100, 8150 ERROR 57.51. Replace both at same time. this contact form Replace the carousel motor.4.

Check duplex paper path for obstructions. 2. Disconnect the power cable from the product, wait at least 30 seconds, then reconnect the power cable and wait for the product to initialize 2. Check PS102 and PS103 13.5 Paper delay jam at fuser. Remove the printer from any UPS supplies, additional power supplies, or power strips. 2.

A fan failure was detected.Printer fan or Duplex fan. 1. Our quality is highly regarded due to our constant testing and attention to detail.We sell a wide variety of maintenance kits and parts, meticulously refurbished printers, and high-quality toner cartridges. May be feed problem. Replace toner cartridge. 2.

X=2: Laser malfunction. 52 ERROR (Incorrect Scanner Speed) 1. Make sure the paper cassettes are installed correctly and adjustments are set properly. Paper Control PCA malfunction. 3. Replace fan 3.3.

Replace DC Controller PCA. 16 TONER LOW 1. HP COLOR LASER PRINTER 4500, 4550 ERROR 57.1 1. Reseat the PostScript SIMM and/or replace it. Replace PostScript ROMs.

Back back to top How did we do? Last edited by sinbad; 08-14-2009 at 05:20 AM. All fans are enabled to low speed operation at printer power-on. Reseat connectors J002 on the DC Controller and J601 on the LaserDrive PCA. 4.