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Hp Error 49.2319

Check transfer guide assembly. 3. Figure 44: Turning power off Unplug the power cord and disconnect any cables. Defective fan, PS4 or PS5 4. Computer and printer may be set to different baud rates. 2.

Turn printer off. Check tabs on side of toner cartridge. Press the (Up Arrow) and (Down Arrow) buttons to step through the instructions and/or refer to the following steps. NOTE: While duplexing the paper exits the top output bin momentarily and then travels back into the duplexer. http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-bpl12422

Lift the optional duplexer up and then pull it out to remove it. Replace DC Controller PCA. 16 TONER LOW 1. Trying to print envelope in duplex mode (envelopes cannot be duplexed). II, III Only: 1.

If a jam message persists, it is possible that paper is still jammed in the printer. Sensor arm stuck or broken. 12 PRINTER OPEN 1. Figure 31: Removing paper from duplexer Insert the optional duplexer into the printer. Push the blue levers upward and pull the fuser straight out of the printer.

Optional I/O card is not connected to an active LAN. 3. Defective display cable, display, or Formatter PCA. 11 PAPER OUT 1. NOTE: Do not force the paper if it will not move easily. https://www.printertechs.com/printer-troubleshooting/hp-error-codes DC Power Supply malfunction. 2686 Only: 1.

Paper Control PCA malfunction. 4V/4MV Only: 1. Figure 22: Closing the rear door Remove the print cartridge and check for paper, remove all found and then reinstall the cartridge. Bad fuser bulb. 3. Do not attempt to grasp the paper as it exits the duplexer to the output bin.

Action NOTE: Press the ? (Help) button for detailed information about clearing the jam.

Figure 51: Closing DIMM access door Set the bottom of the cover onto the printer. DC Power Supply/Main motor driver malfunction. alternates with 64 PRINTER ERROR To continue turn off then on 66.00.15 EXTERNAL DEVICE FAILURE 66.12.XX OUTPUT DEVICE FAILURE For help press? 68.X PERMANENT STORAGE ERROR For help press ?

Pull gently on the bin to make sure that the hinge pins are fully inserted. The stapler/stacker LED blinks in amber. Ensure that it is not damaged and that it moves freely. Bad Fuser Safety PCA. (P/N RG1-0208-030.) Note 2686A/D: Short resistor R250 on the DC Controller to bypass error 50 time delay.

On some occasions this error (49) can be caused by the network card and if your printer has the 615N card and is consistently getting the error with all applications, I Action NOTE: Press the ? (help) button for detailed information about clearing the jam. Open the rear door of the stapler/stacker (jam-access door). Defective Interlock Switch Assembly. 4/4M/4+/4M+ Only: 1.

Action Open the top cover and remove the print cartridge. Using a dry, lint-free cloth, clean any loose toner that might have fallen into the printer. Replace cable, fuser to DC Controller (P/N RG1-0907-000) II, IID, III, IIID Only: 1.

See Service Note 33471A-02B if Serial No.

To exit the Help system, press (Help) again. Open the top cover and remove the print cartridge. Action If the printer displays this error then please contact HP Support. top Handling persistent messages If a message persists requesting that a tray be loaded, or if a message indicates that a previous print job is still in the printer memory, press

Action NOTE: Press the ? (Help) button for detailed information about clearing the jam. Look for the jam in another location, contact HP, or contact an authorized service provider. Figure 43: Reinstalling duplexer Turn the printer power on. top 13.XX.YY.DUPLEX JOB INTERRUPTED Description There was an error while the printer was duplexing.

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Remove EIO cards, perform cold reset 6.