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Hp Designjet 330 Error Codes

and Media Type Print Quality 1 2 4 5 ( 7 ) 8 LEDs 2 and 9 are flashing. They exist to help the engineer diagnose key areas for assessment, and can often indicate one or more parts have failed. This plot shows different plotter capabilities including pen line widths and shading. Designjet Error Lights, Memory Upgrades, Plotter Manuals, Videos, Print Drivers How to read HP Designjet light system error codes How to upgrade your Designjet plotter memory Helpful Designjet YouTube Videos Source

Electrostatic Discharge Refer to the beginning of Chapter 6 of this manual, for precautions you should take to prevent damage to the plotter circuits from electrostatic discharge. Retain the shipping container and insulation material for the carrier's inspection. There is no pinch-arm sensor on the DesignJet 230 and 250C but there is one on the DesignJet 330 and 350C. It is not unknown for HP engineering manuals to omit reasons for certain error codes (or even omit the error codes themselves!). why not find out more

Oil stays inside them by means of capillary action. Print This PagePrint ShareShare Url of this page: HTML Link: Bookmark Manuals Brands HP Manuals Plotter 250C Service manual HP 250C Service Manual: Front Panel Leds; Error Codes Hewlett packard service Graphics 5.

Reinstalling the right end-cover: Before replacing the end-cover, make sure that a The black plastic piece at the front end of the pinch-arm linkage is correctly attached to the side-plate. Main-PC A Connections 330 350C Front Panel Pinch-arm Sensor Carriage Carriage Motor Cover Sensor Media Encoder Media Sensor Media Motor Jl J13 J2 J3 J5 J6 J8 J7 Electronics Module Jll The D/Al-size legs have no media diverter. LEDs on Steady Explanation Action Plain+ Load Media+ Error Servo error in the x axis (media axis) Clear media binding Plain+ Error+ Ready RS232 data overflow Check baud rate, parity, cable,

Make sure that the primer plunger is installed properly when reinstalling the end-cover. You can set the demonstration plot, to plot in any of the languages listed in the Language box of the setup sheet on the following page. (Instructions i^ User's Guide, chapter The next two rows gives us the second digit of the error code, which is shown in the example as '9'. More Help Frame or chassis terminal.

Your cache administrator is webmaster. If you've appreciated the free help and advice on our website, it would be nice if you could let us know on one of our social media links below. Change product Choose from all HP products Enter product serial number Please wait while we process your request. Sheet media must not exceed the maxima and minima shown here: E E C\i c D/A1 -size 1 ^ plotters o CO 00 210-625 mm 8.3 -24.6 in 210-917mm 8.3-36.1 in

Graphics Language o CD HP-GL (7586B) HP-GL/2 4 I/O Timeout CO CO o o 0.5 min 1 min 5 min 30 min 5. https://www.hpplotter.co.uk/error-codes Designjet Repair Help Designjet Drivers Designjet Error Codes Memory Upgrades User Manuals Videos & Podcasts Explore our Videos Explore our Podcasts 'Buy Right' Tools Designjet Upgrade Path HP Workstation Builder Buying Noisy Carriage Wheel To prevent noisy movement of the carriage, remove aluminum or dust particles from the wheel at the back of the carriage, and from the slider path along which You can change the distance using the adjusting screw on the carriage. (Details i^ chapter 7.) Carriage (Side View) Adjusting Screw Back Slider Beam Cross-section Bail-Lift Engaging Tab _ Integrated Line

Primer The plotters feature a manual primer, based on that of the DeskJet 1200, instead of the automatic one of the DesignJet 650C. (See ^ User's Guide, § Cleaning the cartridge this contact form C4699-90000 Installation and Configuration 3-5 r^ f^ 3-6 Installation and Configuration C4699-90000 A -32Kg (-71 lb) n E/AO-size plotters only. CAUTION Take care not to cut yourself on the encoder strip inside the plotter. cP lOX Magnifier.

They also have one RAM-expansion socket, which can hold an optional 4-, 8-, 16- or 32-megabyte, single in-line memory module (SIMM). C4699-90000 Removal and Replacement 6-9 Removing the Right End-Cover 1 Remove the top cover | page 6-7. 330 350C 2 Remove the roll-feed assembly ^ page 6-8. 3 Remove the pinch-wheel Plot Appearance CI5 Auto rotate o Rotate off c^ Rotate 90° Mirror off c> Mirror on o Merge off C5 Merge on 6. have a peek here Mark parity is not supported.

Continue to use the site as normal if you're happy with this, or find out how to manage cookies I'm happy with that. An autoswitching feature enables the plotter to detect from which interface it is receiving data, so you can send data through either interface without having to change the plotter settings. (More Ona Designjet 230/250 this would indicate you have a Paper + Cartridges + Error fault - which indicates a processor fault.

Raster Image Processor The raster transfer language (RTL) provides a solution to insufficient memory on the plotter.

Pen Settings ^5 Use settings CO Use settings from software 5 from tables below ^^^^^ If you want these per settings to take effect, don't forget to mart^ ttie oval above. RS-232-C The supported baudrates are 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 and 38400, with eight bits and no parity, or seven bits with either odd or even parity. C4699-90000 Functional Overview 5-5 Providing a Force on Top of the Media Bail The bail provides a normal force on top of the media. The three possible states of any LED are represented the following way: The error code on the left can be read as 1, 2, 3.

Black plastic piece Disconnecting the Front-Panel Assembly 1 Remove the right end-cover ^ page 6-10. 2 On the main PCA, gently pull the front-panel connector clamp (FP) to the right to Hide this message. Hewlett-Packard makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Check This Out LEDs 1, 2, 3, and 6 are on.

With power off manually move carriage Plain+ Load Media+Error+film Problems with the free movement With power off manually move of the carriage Plain+ Error+ Film+Normal Electrical error Reseat all cartridges, Clean The Sales and Support Office will arrange for the repair or replacement of the plotter. Indicates dangerous voltage (terminals fed from the interior by voltage exceeding 1000 volts must also be marked). We have shown a diagram of the front panel related to your printer below so you can double-check that you are reading the code correctly.

Print Functional Overview Carriage PCADetecting the Lines and Media EdgesElectronics ModuleGripping the MediaLoading Roll Media on the DesignJet 330 and 350CLoading Sheet MediaMemory UsageMoving the CarriagePlotter ArchitectureProducing an ImageProviding a Force Please try again later. Bail-Lift Mechanism The bail features an automatic lift mechanism driven by the media motor using a series of gears and actuated by the cartridge carriage. Before reading it, read the functional overview of the DesignJet 220 (^ "HP DesignJet 220 and HP DesignJet 200 Plotters - Service Manual, " part number C3187-90000. (Information on the DesignJet

Follow these warnings and cautions for your protection and to avoid damaging the plotter. If you open the cover while the plotter is plotting, the plot is cancelled! • The media sensor detects the presence of media. Don't show me this message again. Keep in mind that the value printed on the service configuration plot may greatly underestimate the amount of ink in the spittoon.

Use a mild soap and water solution if necessary. The range of network operating systems that are supported are as follows: Local Area Network Network Operating System Computer Operating System Etiiernet Novell Netware LAN Manager TCP/IP TCP/IP EtherTalk DOS, Windows on the left we have Ready + Load media + Cartridges, which means it is a mechanical problem and requires an engineer.