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Ibm Tape Drive Error Codes


The length of the internal SCSI cabling inside the device is 2 feet (60 cm). NOTE: The tape drive must rewind the tape before ejecting it. Parallel SCSI: Ultra 160 Ultrium 448: GOOD. If the Autoloader is detected by the operating system, but is listed as an unknown or generic device: Make sure that the proper device driver, if applicable, is installed for the have a peek here

The main error code (0x83) is displayed in parenthesis as the Global error code. Verify that the label is not soiled. If the Autoloader is not mounted in a rack or in the tabletop conversion cover, ensure that the six plastic feet are installed and that all of them are standing on Lots of small files require the disk to perform many random accesses instead of a continuous read. other

Ibm Tape Drive Error Codes

Media that is moved from one environment to another can cause issues until it has acclimated to the new conditions. top top Error codes If an error occurs during operation of the device, the device stops the current operation and displays an error code on the LCD screen. During the inventory process, the bar code reader attempts to read the bar code on the cartridge or the bar code on the back of the storage slot until it identifies If the ping fails, verify that the device has a valid network address and that there are no firewalls or other obstructions to network traffic between the computer with the web

Initiate the firmware upgrade process before loading a firmware upgrade tape into the drive. 64 Invalid cleaning cartridge. Check ambient temperature conditions. No display messages appear. Discard any tape cartridge found to have issues.

Since Novell volumes may be compressed, hardware compression may lower the performance and capacity. Ibm Lto 5 Tape Drive Error Code 6 Stop as many programs as possible while a backup or restore is in progress. Figure 2: Access holes for the left and right magazine 1 - Right magazine release 2 - Left magazine release To manually release a magazine, push the end of a straightened To use the operator control panel.

Complete the cleaning process and retry the operation. 61 Cleaning failure. To find the performance bottlenecks in your system, check the specifications and performance of the: Average file size File system type Connection from the host server to the disks Operating system If there are no bottlenecks and the Autoloader starts having performance problems: Try a new cartridge. Upgrade the Autoloader firmware to the latest release.

Ibm Lto 5 Tape Drive Error Code 6

A cleaning cartridge is good for 50 cleans. Figure 10: Support ticket in viewer Expand HP Event Logs to see events divided into three categories: Events in the last 24 hours Events in the last 31 days Events older Ibm Tape Drive Error Codes CAUTION: Shipping Lock: The shipping lock must be removed for the robotics to work properly. Replace the power cord.

Fibre: 2 GB GOOD. http://permamatrix.net/error-code/error-code-36-external-hard-drive.html Figure 1: Removable Storage service Right-click Removable Storage again and select Properties. The device uses two Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs) to control the tape drive (LUN 0) and robotic (LUN 1). The device requires an HBA with multiple LUN support and multiple LUN support must be enabled on the host computer.

A marginal cartridge can cause performance problems when the tape drive has to retry writing to bad spots on the tape. To remove a stuck tape from a storage slot: If the operator control panel or the remote management interface is still operational: Move the tapes from the drives to the magazines Verify that the cartridge is not a firmware upgrade tape. Check This Out Refer to the manual that came with the SCSI host adapter for installation and troubleshooting instructions.

Elevator: The part of the robotics assembly that moves in the vertical direction. top top Connection from the host server to the Autoloader For the best performance, the connection from the host server to the Autoloader must have enough bandwidth to provide enough data Inventory problems Problem Solution The inventory labels the cartridge Full instead of showing its bar code Verify that the label is an HP label.

Expand the event for more information, as shown in Critical event details (Figure 11).

In some cases, a multi-processor server may be required. In the Administrative Tools, select Services. To get the best backup and restore performance, use a full-featured backup application. Figure 4: Initial OCP error message The code 9B is the main error code, and 37 is the error sub-code.

See above for drawbacks. >1 mb: large files GOOD. top top Backup server The backup server must have enough RAM and processor power to transfer the files from the disk to the tape drive. The bus would be saturated when providing 2:1 compressible data to an LTO-3 tape drive. this contact form Contact a service representative.

The drawback with sequential/image backups is that they may only be able to restore the entire disk image and not individual files. In the Control Panel, select Administrative Tools. Your cache administrator is webmaster. Parallel SCSI: Ultra 2 (80) Ultrium 448: MARGINAL.

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. RMI network connection issues Problem Solution RMI cannot connect to the device Verify that the device is connected to the LAN with an Ethernet cable. Ethernet: 100 Base T, 10 Base T POOR. 100 Base T and 10 Base T Ethernet do not have enough bandwidth to support any of the drives and would require too Make sure the backup server has enough memory to handle the bandwidth of the backup or restore.

NOTE: For an online troubleshooting tool, go to www.hp.com/support/MSLG3Tstree . Upgrade to Fibre Channel if using LTO-3 or LTO-4 tape drives. Make sure that the cartridge is compatible with the drive. Clean the tape drive (see the Tape cartridges section in Tape Cartridges and Magazines ).

If you continue to have problems with a SAS Autoloader, check the following: Ensure that the device is compatible with the SAS host adapter and backup application you plan to use.